Our Technology

NDF-Bio75™ is a revolutionary product effective against microbes (bacteria, viruses, moulds, mildew & fungi) which grow on household surfaces, linens, skin surfaces and any surfaces exposed to contamination through touching or contaminated air, liquid & body fluids.
The kitchen, bathroom, taps,  door knobs & table tops are among the most common contaminated surfaces that harbour the microbes creating an unsafe environment in a home or office. Air-conditioning systems are also a common place that can harbour microbes which affect the health of the occupants.
With the proliferation of superbugs and many diseases in many parts of the world, NDF-Bio75™ is a suitable solution to the problems associated with microbial control. NDF-Bio75™ will reduce the microbial loading on any surfaces when applied and allowed to dry. NDF-Bio75™ will reduce the likelihood of spreading infectious diseases that associated with microbial action such as but not limited to influenza, hand foot & mouth and reduce the emission of bad odour from microbial action in homes and offices.
It can be applied by spraying, wiping or in large areas by fogging onto surfaces. The application method is simple and inexpensive but effective. The product when dried will form a nano layer of transparent film of spikes that will destroy microbes through electro/mechanical means that will ensure no chance of mutation of the microbes. This method of destroying microbes is revolutionary as it does not rely on dangerous chemicals, bleaches or environmentally dangerous chemicals.
All over Asia the use of the product has very wide application in many areas from home, education institutions, healthcare, hospitality, food, travel, veterinary, entertainment & travel industries. Food & livestock industries would be more profitable and safer with NDF-Bio75™. This product can reduce the reliance on antibiotics in the livestock industry making the food chain safer for human consumption. Healthcare professionals too would be protected from infectious diseases in performing their duties in hospitals and places where the risk of body fluids and organic materials are aplenty.
The molecular structure all other conventional legal antimicrobials including quats, bleach, peroxides, phenols, triclosan, formaldehydes, paint formulations, etc., work on the basis of diffusion away from the treated surface,  This promotes microbial adaptation, loss of effectiveness, and leaching of poisons into the environment.
Active ingredient:  3-trimethoxysilyl propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride
Highlights of NDF-Bio75™
  • NDF-Bio75™.’s  base molecule developed & manufactured in the USA
  • NDF-Bio75™.’s  base molecule is ISO 9001 compliant & FDA approved
  • NDF-Bio75™.’s  base molecule has 5 patents & 8 EPA registrations in USA
  • NDF-Bio75™.’s  base molecule has US Department of Agriculture approval as Food Safe
  • NDF-Bio75™. is water based
  • NDF-Bio75™. can be easily applied to any porous and non-porous surfaces
  • NDF-Bio75™. contains no alcohol, is non-toxic and non-leaching
  • NDF-Bio75™. has no smell and is inert once applied and  dried
  • NDF-Bio75™. is long lasting
Electromicrograph scan: NDF-Bio75™ on surface
The image of the spikes that are used to destroy microbes seen using electromicrograph. The spikes height of 6–10 nanometres is smaller than the size of the smallest virus ensures the effectiveness against  most microbes.
*NDF-Bio75™ is for external use only and is not to be consumed. Please seek medical attention if accidentally consumed
How Long Does NDF-Bio75™ Last
Test results of the durability against selected microbes According to test carried out under laboratory conditions
Detail of NDF-Bio75™