About Us

NDF Bio Solutions Limited is proud to be the exclusive distributor of NDF-Bio75™ in the territories of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & China*. The company is dedicated to serving the needs of various industries, commercial entities, healthcare establishments & consumers in the territories. Leveraging on the effectiveness, safety (non-alcohol, non toxic) & long-lasting effects of NDF-Bio75™, we intend to provide a cost effective means of infectious disease prevention.
NDF Bio Solutions Limited understands the dangers of using too much chemicals in microbial control on the environment as well as to the rise in the mutation of drug-resistant microbes. In partnership with NDF Biosciences Ltd., we are able to provides solutions to microbial control in offices, industries, hospitals, clinics, transport systems & homes in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & China*.
Environmental & consumer safety is paramount to NDF Bio Solutions Limited. We are able to advise & provide solutions to different environments and are happy to be part of the microbial & disease control solution in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & China*.
*Within the pre-approved provinces & cities of China
NDF Biosciences Ltd. is a life science company established in New Zealand.  NDF is the exclusive distributor in Asia for NDF-Bio75™& NDF-Pro5000D™.
NDF Biosciences is committed to bringing NDF-Bio75™ to Asia in the shortest possible time. NDF-Pro5000D ™ will be converted to NDF-Bio75™ for the ease of use and effectiveness. NDF-Bio75™ is being marketed to the end user.
The manufacturer of the products is a group of Formulation Chemists, is ISO 9001 and FDA approved. The products have the approval of 5 patents and 8 EPA registrations. NZEPA.
All over Asia the use of the product has very wide application in many areas from healthcare, hospitality, food, travel, veterinary, entertainment & travel industries. Food & livestock industries would be more profitable and safer with NDF-Bio75™. This product can reduce the reliance on antibiotics in the livestock industry making the food chain safer for human consumption. Healthcare professionals too would be protected from infectious diseases in performing their duties in hospitals and places where the risk of body fluids and organic materials are aplenty.
With the proliferation of superbugs and many diseases in many parts of the world, NDF-Bio75™ is a suitable solution to the problems associated with microbial control. NDF-Bio75™ will reduce the microbial loading on any surfaces when applied and allowed to dry.  NDF-Bio75™ will reduce the likelihood of spread of diseases associated with microbial action such as but not limited to influenza, hand food & mouth and reduce the emission of bad odour from microbial action.
It can be applied by spraying, wiping or in large areas by fogging onto surfaces. The application method is simple and inexpensive but effective. The product when dried will form a nano layer of transparent film of spikes that will destroy microbes through electro/mechanical means that will ensure no chance of mutation of the microbes.
How It Works
  • Micro-organisms need to attach to a surface to proliferate.
  • Positive charge on NDF-Bio75 molecule attracts the microbes.
  • Combination of electric charge and physical piercing of the microbes provides mechanical kill of the microbes.
  • Broad-spectrum effect – potentially kills all microbes
  • NDF-Bio75 spikes reduce chance of microbes from contact with treated surface